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Bike Measurement Guide

When coming on tour or renting a Pinarello from us, we endeavour to set you up perfectly so you can enjoy your cycling adventure!

Hence it is important we ask that you measure your current bike set-up.

There are 5 important measurements which will allow us to get as close as possible to how you are riding now.

A. Saddle Height

From the centre of your crank, follow the frame to the top of your saddle, measure in centimeters.

B. Reach

Starting from the same position on the saddle where you measured the Saddle Height, extend to the centre of the stem, measure in centimeters.

C. Top Tube

Measure centre to centre from the line where you measured the Saddle Height to the centre of the head tube inline with the front fork, measure in centimeters.

D. Your Height

Remove your shoes, stand straight against a wall, placing something flat on your head to measure your height in centimeters

E. Your Inseam

Remove your shoes and place a book between your legs as if you were sitting on a bike saddle.

Stand up straight and use the edge of the book as your Inseam measurement (please follow the diagram) in centimeters.


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