E-Valence: Preeminent Bike Grooming

EV001 EValence white trans 600These days, a true 'premium' product is hard to come by... The word 'premium' tends to be overused and over time, it has almost lost its context and power... It no longer correctly distinguishes one product from another... everyone claims to be premium... making it harder to find true genuine quality.

Hence, why here at Maglia Nera Tours, we continuously search for products which are 'preeminent',  that cut above the rest, to bring our guests, the very best.

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3rd Edition - Tasmania Circumnavigation 100% Charity Ride

tas circ green transWith COVID-19 creating boundaries for event holders, the organisers of Australia’s only 100% Charity ride, refused to be halted in their quest to raise much needed funds for two great Australian organisations.

In its 3rd edition, the ride is termed as ‘100% Charity’ as 100% the funds raised by participants goes DIRECT to the beneficiaries. In addition, staff and volunteers DONATE 100% of their time over a two-week period and Maglia Nera Tours covers all their costs including transport, accommodation, meals etc. All running fees are absorbed by Maglia Nera Tours with the assistance of DONORS. The event DOES NOT deduct or expense anything from the monies raised.

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Technology partnership with GoCycle

GoCycleAustraliaMaglia Nera Cycling Tours announces technology partnership with Australian made ‘GoCycle App’

The GoCycle App was launched in January 2020, at the Tour Down Under in Adelaide, Australia.

It captured our eye immediately, and we soon enough, identified the App’s potential.

Joining forces, the two businesses have extended the app’s capabilities, to include a ‘Charities’ functionality, allowing the running of ‘Virtual’ events during the COVID-19 period and beyond.

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Partnership with Fortem Australia

Fortem Australia logo inline white2020 The Year of Challenges

Maglia Nera Tours Pty Ltd is proud and excited to officially announce its partnership with Fortem Australia.

The two organisations have come together to leverage the benefits of group cycling programs to assist first responder personnel, and their families to build healthy social connections and promote protective factors for good mental health.

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Victoria - Australia - 'A Metre Matters' - Congratulations!


Melbourne, Australia: for anyone who has visited this lively & buzzing city, you can close your eyes right now and visualise the hustle and bustle, the sounds of the birds, the screech of the trams, the click of gears, the woosh of bikes passing by.... it all works, it works well, people from all over the world who live and visit this city.. coming together in harmony... I love being there and I love sitting back and watching it all work.

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The Gabba - The History of an Icon

12Giving our guests beautiful gifts is one of our favourite pastimes !
When touring with us, you are guaranteed to be showered with the finest quality and practical products.

One custom product is the GABBA, produced by our partners CASTELLI which is an option when coming on tour with us.

2020 marks the 10th Anniversary of this ICONIC product, a story which we will share with you

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