Piedmont / Piemonte

" With some of Italy’s best wines, truffles, beef and chocolate, the northern Italian region of Piedmont offers a plethora of exhilarating tasting experiences." ...Lonely Planet

Cycle through the Langhe Region, the home of Nebbiolo-lined hills that circle Barbaresco, Barolo, Asti... feast your eyes (and belly) on fresh truffles in Alba as the world best chefs hurry to perfect cooking this natural wonder, indulge yourself at the Ferrero factory whilst you are at it and finish the day off with some local Cinzano celebrations.

You can only do all of this once you have climbed Piedmont's highest passes: Colle dell Agnello at 2744m; Colle del Nivolet 2641m; Colle Fauniera 2481m; Great St Bernard Pass 2469m.

Let the games begin (Turin played host to the 2006 WInter Olympics in Turin)

"I like the wind because you can’t buy it"
Gianni Agnelli
(Founder of FIAT)

Major Passes

Colle dell Agnello at 2744m
Colle del Nivolet 2641m
Colle Fauniera 2481m

Great St Bernard Pass 2469m
Colle dell'Esischie 2370m
Col de la Lombarde 2350m

Colle di Sampeyre 2284m
Little St Bernard Pass 2188m
Colle delle Finestre 2178m


A variety of terrains are accessible in Piedmont.
The winery area is best in May, June, September and October.
The Alps can be ridden into July and August being a bit cooler but do be aware of French and Italian school holidays and of course, the Tour de France!
Be sure to always have a wind/rain proof jacket with you and plenty of water.


The Republic of Alba was created in 1796 as a French client republic in Piedmont and was a  springboard for Italy's unification in 1859–1861, following earlier unsuccessful wars against the Austrian Empire in 1820–1821. The House of Savoy became Kings of Italy, and Turin briefly became the capital of Italy. However, when the Italian capital was moved to Florence, and then to Rome, the administrative and institutional importance of Piedmont was deeply reduced. After Italian unification, Piedmont was one of the most important regions in the first Italian industrialization.(Source: Wikipedia)


Piedmontese is a Romance language spoken by about 3 million people throughout region. On the east, varieties of Western Lombard are spoken, and in the high western valleys Piedmontese is spoken alongside varieties of Provençal. It is also spoken in Argentina, Brazil, California, Australia and Chile.

Piedmontese has never been an official language but in the last thirty years it has been recognised as a separate language by the Council of Europe, the Piemonte region, UNESCO, some linguists and most Italians. (Source: Omniglot)

Piedmonte - Collle delle Agnello

Epic Historic Climbs

While Alba Truffles

While Alba Truffles

Barolo Wine

Italy's Finest Wines

"I went to Piedmont obsessed with cycling, only cycling. Thanks to Maglia Nera Tours, I came away with an appreciation of what this part of Italy offers - great wine and great food. I didn't even know what Truffles were until Alberto made me try them! I was blown away. This tour has changed me forever... "
Pablo. S


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